Esmeralda’s Journey

       Hello! My name is Esmeralda and I would like to share with you a little about my journey to becoming a surrogate. Surrogacy isn’t something you hear about everyday. The only knowledge I had came from watching movies. One day my best friend told me she was pregnant, but not with her baby and went on to explain that she was a surrogate carrying for a same sex couple. I was immediately fascinated and thought “wow how amazing!” Maybe one day I can help a couple of my own start their family.  At this point I knew I was done having kids so I decided to talk to my husband and he was very supportive and encouraged me to do so if that is what I wanted, so we had a talk with my children because it was important for me for them to know. My immediate family was extremely supportive of the idea.

         After months of research I decided that I was ready and applied to start the process!I went through a lot of paperwork, interviews, and then I went in for my medical screening. The appointment consisted of a consultation, physical exam, blood test, urine drug screen, pap smear, fluid ultrasound and a MOCK transfer (trial transfer to measure the uterus). I did a psychological evaluation with a psychologist to make sure I was mentally capable of carrying someone else’s child and then met and matched with a single intended father who was using an egg donor. When the legal process was completed I waited a few months for a my cycle calendar. The process was delayed because there were no embryos yet, something that was not disclosed to me. I continued to ask, but never got a straight answer. Close to a year along I still hadn’t heard anything but waited patiently. On February 2017 my father passed away and during that time the agency reached out to me telling me that the embryos were ready and wanted me to start right away. I asked for some time because of my fathers passing but they had no sympathy and terminated my contract. After this I put my process on hold for a while. All of a sudden, the one thing I was preparing for, for over a year, I no longer was.

A couple months later, for different reasons, I started working for Elite Women Surrogacy as a Case Manager. My best friend, who owns the company, advised me to continue to hold off on this journey as she wanted to me take a look at other journeys and to see all that a journey entails. She knew I was not mentally ready yet after my dads passing. I learned so much, in so little time and was able to relate to the surrogates. After some time I wanted to continue with my journey and knew I was 100% ready. In November 2017 I was matched with a wonderful couple and immediately started the process. I went for my medical screening once more as well as my psychological screening and when the legal process was complete I was given a calendar and my transfer was set for March 2nd. I knew that surrogacy is a process that your simply cannot can’t rush!

Before I knew it, transfer day was here! On my transfer day I was very nervous even though I had seen surrogates go through a transfer many times.  It was more of an exciting nervous hoping that it would be a success. It was extremely easy and pain free. A few weeks later I went in for my 1st pregnancy test and it was positive! I was so happy, and so happy for the parents to be! I shared the news with them right away! Now that I am 20 weeks pregnant I update them at least once a week. It has been such an amazing journey so far. I have a lot of support from friends and family. For anyone wanting to participate in this amazing process but are afraid of what people may think, you must know that unfortunately there will always be someone who is close minded or simply not okay with your decision to become a surrogate (or anything else in life) and have a negative opinion. You must remember that YOU are helping a family’s dream come true and therefore the only opinion that matters is that of your own.

I am excited for what is to come and am eager to experience the rest of this journey.

Again, this is just a quick glance into my journey, a lot more detail is within the detail, and I am no professional writer 😉 but I do hope you enjoyed reading.


P.S. Here’s a link to an amazing article that covers some common questions and misconceptions about the surrogacy journey through the lens of a surrogate. We found it to be a great read and hope you enjoy it as well!



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